There’s no doubt about it: the days where all a phone did was make and receive calls are nearing an end, and almost every phone is a smartphone these days. And, although the phones may be smart, the instructions sometimes look like people actually tried to make them impossible to follow. We have the solution. We’ll show you how to setup your emails so that you can get them on your phone, show you what the features and capabilities of your phone are and teach you how to use them, and even setup your hands-free devices for you. We can even make you a custom app for your phone, if you need one. We’ll also help you with the basics, like getting photos/videos/music to and from your phone, configuring it for first usage, and updating the software and apps so that your phone is always doing its best. All of that with our same commitment as always: we won’t just fix it and disappear, we’ll make sure you understand how it works, in plain English.