Maintenance, Repair, and Protection

Regular maintenance is important for any com-puter, just like it’s important for your cars. We can install new Antivirus, or help you upgrade or switch Antivirus programs, as well as help you decide which program best fits your usage habits and budget. Sometimes your system is running ok, but isn’t as fast as it used to be. We can optimize your system so that you’re sure you’re getting the most performance out of your computer. Optimization can include defragging your hard drive, cleaning up unwanted files, tidying up your desktop, or installing software that runs better or faster than what you’re currently using. Computers, like cars, also need an occasional tune-up. This includes removing unwanted programs, making sure you’re protected against all Malware, and physically opening up your computer to clean out the dust and dirt, and make sure the wires and cables are all positioned appropriately. Lastly is repairing problems with the computer, like Malware, Virus, and Spyware removal, fixing broken laptop screens, and diagnosing and repairing a whole host of computer problems. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.