IT Consulting

Technology is everywhere. For business owners, that goes double. If you're not ahead of the curve (like most people) then you're spending time working for your technology, instead of having it work for you. We understand technology. We know the ins and outs, and we know how it all works. More importantly: we know how it all works together. We can show you how to increase your productivity and stop losing money to inefficient workflows and technical difficulties.

Our IT Consulting is simple:
  1. We listen to your company's (and your own) problems and concerns, and learn what your current workflows are, as well as your current stumbling blocks.
  2. We take stock of your company's existing technological resources, then rework your workflows to use your existing technology to work more efficiently.
  3. We educate you and your staff on how to use the workflows efficiently, and provide training materials for current and future staff.

More often than not, all that's required is a little custom programming on system tweaking on our part, and your business is back up and sprinting ahead, usually with no unproductive down time. Sometimes, it's as simple as a few spreadsheets that automatically update. Sometimes it's email or web-services integration. Sometimes it's adding printers and hard drives to a network. In the end your company will run more efficiently, you and your staff will be happier, and you'll save thousands on lost productivity.

We also provide training and instruction materials (print, digital/web, and multimedia) for you and your staff or clients. As with our tech services, we explain things in plain English, not Geek Speak.

Case Studies

One of our clients frequently received a large amount of mail, which they seasonally hired several (20+) people to open and sort. They also had a large quantity of outbound mailings to send, for which they used the same group of seasonal employees. After reviewing their situation, we were able to show them how to integrate their on-site equipment with a couple of mailing machines to sort incoming and process outgoing mail in a small fraction of the time, with only 3 employees. The education step was simple, and the whole re-working of their system saved them around $90,000 per year over their previous system.

Another client (a sole proprietor) was unfailingly behind in his office work, always being plagued by emails and malfunctioning equipment. We showed him how to more effectively manage his inbox using built-in (though not widely-known) functionality for his Email Client, and networked his printer for the whole office. Lastly, we showed all his staff how to print, fax, and scan to and from the networked printer (saving time lost transferring files to and from a laptop connected to the printer/scanner/fax). Less volume, and less drastic, than the previous case, but nonetheless saved him and his staff an estimated 10-20 hours per week total (even at minimum wage, that's still $4,000-8,000 annually).

There was one client who lost major sales productivity because they used Excel to manage sales contacts, and they couldn't all get access to the spreadsheet to update it, costing them sales. We showed them how they could manage their clients, sales, and even advertisements using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. This saved them time and lost productivity, but also allowed them to better manage their client relationships, increasing sales and client satisfaction.