About Us

My name is Matthew Stewart, and I started Electronic Adept because I noticed a startling shortage of honest, efficient tech and web companies who were friendly and placed a high value on customer service and professional results. People who know how to fix computers and build websites aren't quite a dime a dozen, but there are quite a lot of them, and quite a lot as well who use less-than-admirable business and customer service tactics. And web companies are notorious for dragging design and updates out seemingly forever. So, I started Electronic Adept to fix all that. Here's how we do it:

1) We make honesty, integrity, and excellent customer service our top priorities. Trust is a difficult thing to come by these days, and we understand that it must be earned if it's going to last. So, no misleading wording or advertising, and no gimmicks.

2) We create modern and professional websites that are highly optimized to produce the best user experience and make sure you have something you're proud to display to your current and future clients. We always strive to hit the perfect balance of design, function, ease-of-use, and ease-of-updating, so you can rest easy knowing that your site will look amazing, work flawlessly, and be easy for you and your customers to work with. And, crucially, we do it quickly.

3) We have all seen (and I'm sure many of you have experienced) techs who come in, sit down, press a few buttons (or, worse still, take unending hours), bill you and leave. Any questions are usually met with condescending and highly technical explanations that leave you bewildered about what happened.

Not us. Our commitment is this:

For Web: we will get your website up as fast as possible, to make it as user- and owner-friendly as possible, and make sure the design puts you on the cutting edge for your industry. And we will always value and incorporate your input throughout the process. In the end, you'll have the best website you've ever had, even if we did your last one, too.

For Tech: we will always tell you how the problem happened, why it happened, how we fixed it, and, most important, how to make sure it doesn't happen again. We're not just in the business of fixing computers, we're in the business of demystifying them and making sure you understand your technology.